Mission and Vision

Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals


The mission of the US Africa Collaborative, Inc. is to be a catalyst that brings together housing and human settlements professionals including educators, policymakers, developers, advocates, students, financial and philanthropic institutions, from the US and the African Diaspora to collectively work together to address the need to create safe and tenure secure, healthy, sustainable, and resilient human settlements in the context of the global housing crisis, climate change and intensified urbanization in a culturally competent and inclusive manner.


We formed the US Africa Collaborative because we believe affordable housing is a serious problem and considerable challenge, especially for low-income households, throughout the African Diaspora. Our aim is to build resilient communities by fostering a cohesive network of professionals to impact policy discussion and lead test projects to address the challenge of homelessness, and inadequate housing supply. We also believe that the professionalization of the housing and human settlements sectors is an important imperative to achieving sustainable communities for all our global citizens today and tomorrow.


Our organization’s values are based on Compassion, Empathy, Transparency, Equity, and Inclusivity.


Increasingly housing challenges are recognized in international policy discussions as being connected to human migration, climate change, and economic globalization. As an organization, we seek to address those challenges through: 

Collaboration - To build a collaborative, cohesive network of housing and human settlement professionals, academics, students, communities, and government officials to impact policy discussion, develop research, and implement project based learning demonstrations.

Education - Educate lawmakers, students, future housing professionals, and the public about the need for affordable housing and human settlements that are safe, economically sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Mobilization – Mobilize our members, supporters, and the community to advocate for better housing and environmental policies,

Expansion - Expand the supply of low-income housing, and 

Promotion -  Increase and professionalize Sustainable Human Settlement Development. The objective is to improve the social, economic, and environmental quality of human settlements and improve living and working environments of all people, especially the urban and rural poor.